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ANTM Season 17 Ep1: Season Premiere Recap *Eliminated Contestant Revealed After Break*

By SimplyDanija · September 15, 2011 · 0 Comments ·

14 young ladies stand before me, but I only have 13 photos in my hand...Its BACK!!!

America's Next Top Model season17 premiered Wednesday night, September 14, on the CW and let's just say there were a few hit and misses.

The All Star season reunites viewers with their 'favorite' past contestants. I say 'favorite' because I think it all has to do with ratings. Because honestly I can personally go without seeing Kayla, whom I do not remember, and Shannon, who is only remembered because she wouldn't pose nude in the very first season. Anyways, the season started off with Bianca entering the house and then all of the other girls arrived shortly after. While the introductions were being made Bianca admitted that there's bad blood between her and Camille (Cycle 2) she did not get into the why, however.

Bre entered the house and Bianca was upset because she did not know that Bre was going to be on the show,since they had spoken recently before the show was to be recorded (whatever!). But,they're like sisters so I guess it was all in fun (their words, not mine). The show instantly begins with a photo-shoot in which the contestants are portraying their bigger-than-life personalities. A few of the personalities seemed to be the same to me, but hey what do I know.

Bianca is immediately upset because they place bright red weave in her hair which if you remember is how she was on Cycle 9 auditions. She is looking to move away from that attitude and wants to be remembered as a young lady, but she does still have her attitude. I can completely understand why she doesn't want to be perceived as a 'B' since she was on the show at the age of 18 and now she's 22. And her growth has really shown through, so far. The photographs weren't 'ooh' and 'ah'. They were good but they weren't exactly great, especially since they have done this before and know what the judges are looking for. Who by the way are still the same: Tyra, Nigel Barker, and Andre Leon Talley,with a different special guests each week. The season premiere had Nicki Minaj sitting in as guest judge (more about that later). The judging was set up differently this season in that the panel is done in front of a live audience. Not sure what the live audience is supposed to do but, to each their own. Although, when Alexandria went out to face the judges an audience member was yelling obscenities (shrug). The judges were looking for personality overall and who can go further than modeling. They are looking for someone who is a brand and many of them already have been doing modeling work so its time for them to do more with it. Because as everyone knows "modeling doesn't last forever".

The prizes are bigger than life this season as well: a contract with Covergirl, a correspondent with Extra!, a spread in VOGUE Italia, and an ad campaign with EXPRESS. The judging was very nice, there wasn't anyone really telling the models that they could've done better, or changed this or that to make the picture. I guess the judges were really just testing the waters to see how much they have improved. The person who surprised me the most, judging wise, was Nicki Minaj! She really knew what she was talking about and she gave really good criticism. The only thing I did not agree with however was Nicki Minaj questioning Bre's hair, because she shortened it. You can't judge her hair, that isn't your place. If she feels that her hair being shorter is bringing in more jobs than that is her choice. But, other than that I agree with everything else she had to say.

In the end Brittany did not have as much recognition by the fans as the other girls, so she was the first person eliminated. I'm interested to see how this season is going to work. It doesn't seem to have a clear focus as to why a person is sent home week after week, but maybe it will become more clear as the season continues.

And the person who is chosen for having the best picture will have their picture displayed in the house as wall art! And the winner is: ISIS!

So, what was your good, best and worst part of the season premiere? Who do you wish would have returned?

Dominique (cycle 10) , Angelea (Cycle 14), Brittany (Cycle 5), Allison (Cycle 12), Kayla (Cycle 15), Shannon (Cycle 1), Camille (Cycle 10), Sheena (Cycle 11), Isis (Cycle 11), Bianca (Cycle 9), Bre (Cycle 5), Alexandria (Cycle 16), Laura (Cycle 13), and Lisa (Cycle 5).

More Pictures:

L to R: Allison, Sheena, Dominique and Laura.

To see more pics go here

Pictures courtesy of: The CW

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