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Morehouse College has "Mean Girls" on Campus?

By SimplyDanija · October 12, 2010 · 0 Comments ·

Well not exactly, Morehouse president Dr. Robert M. Franklin is furious at urban magazine VIBE for their feature article "The Mean Girls of Morehouse". If you're thinking what I'm thinking then, yes Morehouse  is an all male college! What has happened is that writer and contributor for VIBE, Aliya S. King  has written an article featuring Diamond, who is a former male student at Morehouse College. The article mentions the controversial "no baggy pants, hats, do-rags" and the "no high heels, dresses,etc." policy that was all the buzz last year. Well, Dr. Franklin has issued a statement to his campus about the VIBE article and it is posted below!

Next week, Vibe magazine, a hip-hop music and culture monthly, will publish in their October/November issue an article on Morehouse. I strongly disagree with the likely substance of this article and wanted to write to you directly to share my views.

The article, entitled, “The Mean Girls at Morehouse,” purports to examine the lives of some of our gay brothers as it relates to the enforcement of our appropriate attire policy we enacted a year and a half ago. It seems clear from the headline alone that the Vibe editorial team’s intent is to sensationalize and distort reality for the purpose of driving readership. The title of the article speaks volumes about a perspective that is very narrow and one that is, in all likelihood, offensive to our students whether gay or straight.

As president of this institution, as a Morehouse graduate and as a father, I am insulted by what is to be published. Addressing our young men as “girls” is deeply disturbing to me, no matter what the remainder of the article may say. Morehouse has for 140 years developed men—men who are equipped to live and contribute to an increasingly diverse, global and complex world.

Let me be clear. I believe in the freedom of the press and its critical role in examining all facets of our society to foster reasoned discourse and to promote understanding of topics both popular and unpopular. We will not always agree with what is written. I disagree, however, in journalism that attempts to malign and distort, rather than inform and enlighten.

I need not tell you that the black male is already faced with challenges in nearly every aspect of his life. Injustices abound. Families are broken. And our young black boys are failing to reachtheir potential in grade school and middle school at pandemic rates. And while the world grapples with complicated issues related to economic disparity, racism, sustainability, and diversity and tolerance, Morehouse stands in the breach, seeking answers to the pressing issues facing our young men, encouraging dialogue and expecting excellence.

The world is complex, and it is diverse. Morehouse reflects that same complexity and that same diversity. It is unfortunate that the Vibe article will heighten misunderstandings and advance or inform little.

In the end, no media outlet can shape who we are or in any way diminish our mission. But together we can encourage media outlets like Vibe to provide fair, well-researched and balanced journalism.

Finally, Morehouse will stand by its values. We will continue to set high standards and focus on the development of our young men. Thank you for standing with us.

Robert M. Franklin
Morehouse College

What do you think? Is the article in bad taste? Do you think the policy is discriminatory? Should VIBE have went witha different headline? Is everyone just simply overreacting?

Let us know below!!!

Letter via: CLUTCH magazine

Photo courtesy of: Google

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