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3 Ways to Throw a Successful House Party

By SimplyDanija · August 5, 2012 · 0 Comments ·

With the weather getting warmer and teens celebrating graduation, birthdays, and the end of the school year,having a party with friends seem like the perfect plan. However, when those plans turn dangerous and uncontrollable a good time with friends can become a criminal record, punishment, and worse case scenario--death. It is possible to have fun and be safe, and you can do so by following these 3 simple rules.

1. Get Permission: Although it may seem like a good idea to invite your entire school over for a nice "social" event while your parents are away; it is way more enjoyable if you have permission. Who wants to worry about how the people will sneak out if your parents return unexpectedly? So, just save yourself the trouble of being banned from the computer and your cell by just asking. They may say no, but even I know how to ask incessantly until I get the answer I want ;).

2.Invite Friends ONLY: You've had your friends in your home before, so having them over when your parents are gone shouldn't be a big deal (if you do #1 first). You know if they'll cause problems or not and best of all your parents obviously like them if they are allowed in the house. And it avoids having uninvited guests who you do not know well coming into your home and causing problems.

3. Remember Life isn't a Movie: In the film Project X, teens wreak havoc on houses all in the name of YOLO. But, the film doesn't show the real implications of having a party and someone getting hurt, or even dying. Although it may seem all fun and games in the film, if someone gets hurt badly it can cause trouble for you and your parents. So, keep that in mind, because having a criminal record is not STIMULATING.

So, by following the above step Stimulation Status hopes that each reader has a fantastic time and that the tips above keep you and your friends and family safe. But, remember the tips above aren't the end all and be all of having a safe party. Always practice good judgment no matter what.

So, readers how do you throw a safe party?

Editor's Note:  I would have LOVED to link articles and examples but my computer doesn't want me to. I promise to have them in soon though!

Picture Courtesy:http://screenrant.com/project-x-reviews-benk-157259/

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